Become a Deputy Voter Registrar (VDR)

All VDR terms expire on December 31 of even years, so in January 2019 to register voters in Smith County you must become a Volunteer Deputy Registrar (VDR) by following these steps:

Study the Secretary of State slides here.

Review the information here.

Review and practice the exam here. You need to answer 18 out of 20 correctly. The questions in the practice exam are the questions, but the actual test you take will not have them in this order. If you need additional help preparing, as the correct answers may surprise you or you want to review the correct answers, let Michael Tolbert know.

Contact Smith County Election Administrator (EA) at 903-590-4777 to set time/date to take the exam. You will need to go to the EA at 302 E Ferguson St, Tyler, TX, 75702, to take the exam.

Email Michael after you have taken the VDR exam so we can provide you resources and ask you to help at VDR events. Michael coordinates the voter registration events and will provide you with opportunities to help register voters. By completing the VDR process in January 2019, you will have a full 2-year term as a VDR and can help turn Smith County blue.